Time clock judgment

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Teleworking is an increasingly popular option within the service sector. In recent months, this trend has accelerated to help limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

A recent ruling by the Brussels Labor Court, based on European regulations, encourages employers to reflect on the topic of effective working time. When an employee claims to have worked overtime, it can be exceedingly difficult for the employer to prove the contrary if he does not have a system for recording the actual working time. Without this evidence, these claimed hours are indeed due.

Just imagine …

You fire an employee. Although you have always been flexible in the organization of his working time, he asks for the payment of 100 hours of overtime at the end of his contract. In the absence of a system for recording effective working time, you will be ordered to pay these unfounded overtimes.

No formal method is required to keep track of hours: a simple timetable signed by the employee will be sufficient. In practice, a computerised form avoids overloading the payroll management.

We ourselves use Timeular, a practical and user-friendly tool in the form of an octahedron (an 8-sided double pyramid), each side of which can be attributed to an activity or task. The user rotates the block so that the side assigned to the task is at the top: the time registration starts. He puts the block back on its base to end the time registration. The associated application is installed on the employee’s computer and/or phone. This allows multiple integrations (for example with the calendar) and offers more flexibility without having to take the device everywhere with you to continue recording working time. All hours worked are exported to Excel and then printed in PDF for each employee allowing validation and signing.

The application allows – both the employer and its employees – to follow the actual working time and to monitor the respect of a correct balance between private and professional life while maintaining peace of mind in complete confidence.

There are other advantages to using the Timeular tracker like us. You can easily see the distribution of the actual working time by your employees between their different tasks. You can monitor the details of the fractions of time spent on all tasks, with a 24-hour delay. Grouping or selecting different parameters allows you to refine the analysis based on period, user, project, task and tag criteria. The tags and comments entered when tracking allow the recording to be used as a report justifying the re-invoicing of hours. The tool also makes it possible to evaluate the profitability of fixed-price projects and thus combines administrative utility with efficient analytical management.

VS Invest – as a partner of Timeular – lets you benefit from a 5% discount when using the code VSINVEST05. Go to Timeular website for transparent working time management. We are at your disposal for further integration of this tool into your IT universe. Keep following us for more tips for 21st century business management.